Iodine Chemistry and Applications

Iodine Chemistry and Applications

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This book comprehensively covers iodine, its chemistry, and its role in functional materials, reagents, and compounds. a€c Provides an up-to-date, detailed overview of iodine chemistry with discussion on elemental aspects: characteristics, properties, iodides, and halogen bonding a€c Acts as a useful guide for readers to learn how to synthesize complex compounds using iodine reagents or intermediates a€c Describes traditional and modern processing techniques, such as starch, cupper, blowing out, and ion exchange resin methods a€c Includes seven detailed sections devoted to the applications of iodine: Characteristics, Production, Synthesis, Biological Applications, Industrial Applications, Bioorganic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, and Radioisotopes a€c Features hot topics in the field, such as hypervalent iodine-mediated cross coupling reactions, agrochemicals, dye sensitized solar cells, and therapeutic agentsIonpac AS11 manual. Document no. 034791-09; Dionex Corporation; 2006. p 31. [49] Dionex. Ionpac AS11 manual. Document no. 031475-06; Dionex Corporation ; 2008. p 31. [50] Thermo Fisher Scientific. product manual for Ionpac AS20.

Title:Iodine Chemistry and Applications
Author:Tatsuo Kaiho
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-10-09


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