Invasion of Privacy: A Brody Taylor Thriller

Invasion of Privacy: A Brody Taylor Thriller

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'1984' was not supposed to be an instruction manual . . . Following the brutal killing of a beautiful young cellist, talented Met Police detective, Jenny Price, leads the murder investigation team. Baffled by how the killer knew his victima€™s innermost desires, Jenny begins to run out of leads. Desperate, she reluctantly accepts the assistance of a witness who comes forward with a strange story about hacked webcams. To retain his elite status in the global hacking community, Brody Taylor accepts a public challenge against another hacker to break into a highly secure but highly illegal webcam streaming website. But as the competition intensifies, Brody discovers a serial killer is one of the websitea€™s voyeuristic customers using the webcams to target young women. Realising the police are unaware of the webcams, Brody takes the opportunity help the investigation team while masking his real objective of using them to help him win the challenge. But that means social engineering the attractive police detective leading the murder investigation. As they begin to make progress, Jenny senses there is far more to Brody than meets the eye. Should she continue to rely on the charming but mysterious security consultant? And, as he gets closer to Jenny and more deeply embroiled in the investigation, should Brody forfeit the challenge, which would force him to retire from the hacking community forever, all just to help Jenny track down the killer before he strikes again? WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT INVASION OF PRIVACY: a€œI am a little sad it is over but still buzzing from the superb finale. Looking forward to the next adventure.a€ qSutherland deftly weaves dramatic, humanly plausible police procedurals with very high-level hackery to form a novel both intricately plotted and meticulously produced.a€ qOne of the best debut novels I have read. Crime, murder, sex, friendship, twist and turns, highs and lows are abundant throughout this book.a€ qIf the producers of Homeland or 24 are looking for the next, and very relevant, topical and addictive series, look no further.a€She was still wound up from the case and needed to take her mind off it all. ... A wire connected it to an Xbox One controller cradled in her hands, her thumbs and fingers a blur of activity, as she controlled what she saw on the television in front anbsp;...

Title:Invasion of Privacy: A Brody Taylor Thriller
Author:Ian Sutherland
Publisher:Ian Sutherland -


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