Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice

Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice

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In view of the substantial progress made in the last decade in the fields of zeolites and related materials it was decided to go for an extended 2nd Edition of qIntroduction to Zeolite Science and Practiceq. Unfortunately - as often is the case - this process took more time than expected by the Editors. In the mean time some new texts on zeolites were issued. Nevertheless, the combination of data, discussion and dedication provided by the present book is a unique coverage of the field, in the opinion of the Editors. In the present Edition the number of chapters rose from 16-22. The contributions can be divided into three categories: updated chapters by the original authors, updated chapters by an expanded or new team of authors and completely new chapters. This 2nd Edition also contains new chapters on qZeolite-based supramolecular assembliesq (by Dirk De Vos and Pierre Jacobs, experts in this area) and on qThe use of bulky probe moleculesq (by Paul Kunkeler, Roger Downing and one of the Editors). Finally, the super large pore zeolites and the fast growing area of ordered mesoporous materials are dealt with by Eelco Vogt, Charlie Kresge and and Jim Vartuli. The latter two authors belong to the discoverers of the M41S family of mesoporous materials.We have discussed novel algorithms to make Monte Carlo simulations of chain molecules adsorbed in the pores of zeolites more efiicient. ... This free energy barrier can be computed with Monte Carlo techniques. ... M.F. Guest and J. Kendrick, 1986, gamess Users manual, GGP1/86/1; SERC Daresbury Laboratory . 19.

Title:Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice
Author:P.A. Jacobs, E.M. Flanigen, J.C. Jansen, Herman van Bekkum
Publisher:Elsevier - 2001-06-26


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