Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials

Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials

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Discusses the Structure and Properties of Materials and How These Materials Are Used in Diverse Applications Building on undergraduate studentsa€™ backgrounds in mathematics, science, and engineering, Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials provides the foundation needed for more advanced work in materials science. Ideal for a two-semester course, the text focuses on chemical bonding, crystal structure, mechanical properties, phase transformations, and materials processing for the first semester. The material for the second semester covers thermal, electronic, photonic, optical, and magnetic properties of materials. Requiring no prior experience in modern physics and quantum mechanics, the book introduces quantum concepts and wave mechanics through a simple derivation of the SchrApdinger equation, the electron-in-a-box problem, and the wave functions of the hydrogen atom. The author also presents a historical perspective on the development of the materials science field. He discusses the Bosea€“Einstein, Maxwella€“Boltzmann, Planck, and Fermia€“Dirac distribution functions, before moving on to the various properties and applications of materials. With detailed derivations of important equations, this applications-oriented text examines the structure and properties of materials, such as heavy metal glasses and superconductors. It also explores recent developments in organics electronics, polymer light-emitting diodes, superconductivity, and more.... being used in cell phones. Sony recently ... Samsung also announced a prototype 17 in. high definition (1600A‚1200 pixels) active matrix OLED display panel. Flexible PLED electro ... A replacement for the ITO-coated glass or plastic, which presently is the only practical hole injecting material, is being sought. ITO is brittleanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials
Author:Robert J. Naumann
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-12-22


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