Introduction to the History of Communication

Introduction to the History of Communication

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qAn Introduction to the History of Communication: Evolutions and Revolutions provides a comprehensive overview of how human communication has changed and is changing. Focusing on the evolutions and revolutions of six key changes in the history of communication---becoming human; creating writing; developing print; capturing the image; harnessing electricity; and exploring cybernetics---the author reveals how communication was generated, stored, and shared. This ecological approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the key variables that underlie each of these great evolutions-revolutions in human communication. Designed as an introduction for history of communication classes, the text examines the past, attempting to identify the key dynamics of change in these human, technical, semiotic, social, political, economic, and cultural structures, in order to better understand the present and prepare for possible future developments.q--BOOK JACKET.... Files, aquot; Bl, B6; Jenna Wortham, aquot;Giving Your Phone More Oomph, aquot; Bl, B4; Ashlee Vance aquot;Watching TV Together, Miles Apart, aquot; Bl, B6; ... Brad Wong, aquot;Illegal Downloads Dona#39;t Pose Ethical Problems for College Students, aquot; Seattle Post- Intelligencer ... 2010), Al, 6; and Michael Wines, aquot;China Issues Sharp Rebuke to U.S. Calls for an Investigation on Google Attacks, aquot; New York Times (January 26, 2010), A6.

Title:Introduction to the History of Communication
Author:Terence P. Moran
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2010


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