Introduction to the Global Oil & Gas Business

Introduction to the Global Oil & Gas Business

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To the casual observer, the oil business seems constant and unchanging. Most gasoline stations have done away with attendant services, and credit cards are accepted directly at the pump, but drive-in access and brand names remain largely as they have been for generations. The faade, however, is just that; it is like the false front of a Western town put in place to make everything seem bigger and grander than it really is. The familiarity of the oil industry's retail outlets masks extraordinary changes in how the industry engages in its four primary sectors of activity: finding and producing crude oil, transportation, refining, and marketing.The most efficient conventional American car in the Prius class, the Saturn Astra starts at $16, 495 and averages 28 mpg.6 At $3 per gallon, 15, 000 miles per year, and a 6% discount rate, it would take ten years for a consumer to recoup theanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to the Global Oil & Gas Business
Author:Samuel Van Vactor
Publisher:PennWell Books - 2010


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