Introduction to Probability with Mathematica

Introduction to Probability with Mathematica

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Newcomers to the world of probability face several potential stumbling blocks. They often struggle with key concepts-sample space, random variable, distribution, and expectation; they must regularly confront integration, infrequently mastered in calculus classes; and they must labor over lengthy, cumbersome calculations. Introduction to Probability with Mathematica is a groundbreaking text that uses a powerful computer algebra system as a pedagogical tool for learning and using probability. Its clever use of simulation to illustrate concepts and motivate important theorems gives it an important and unique place in the library of probability theory. The author smoothly integrates the technology with the traditional approach and subject matter, thereby augmenting rather than overpowering it. This book lives and breathes in the sense that not only can it be read and studied in an armchair, but each section also exists as a fully executable MathematicaAr notebook on the CRC Web site. Students will find Introduction to Probability with Mathematica an engaging, accessible, yet challenging way to venture into the fascinating subject of probability.Chapter 1 sets up the foundations of discrete probability, taking simulation and sampling as its recurring themes. ... There is more material here than usual on the use of these distributions for statistical inference. ... Many instructors will have to consider carefully whether they have time for this, but I think that it is a great opportunity to ... A complete, detailed solutions manual is available upon request from.

Title:Introduction to Probability with Mathematica
Author:Kevin J. Hastings
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-11-27


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