Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine

Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine

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The medical applications of physics are not typically covered in introductory physics courses. Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine fills that gap by explaining the physical principles behind technologies such as surgical lasers or computed tomography (CT or CAT) scanners. Each chapter includes a short explanation of the scientific background, making this book highly accessible to those without an advanced knowledge of physics. It is intended for medicine and health studies students who need an elementary background in physics, but it also serves well as a non-mathematical introduction to applied physics for undergraduate students in physics, engineering, and other disciplines.To better understand how lasers work, we first will consider the structure of matter at the atomic level. All matter, including ... We can display the values of these electron orbital energies using an energy level diagram (Fig. 3.5a). ... Energy differences between orbitals are labeled AE(here A is the Greek letter, delta.) Electronsanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine
Author:Suzanne Amador Kane
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-11-28


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