Introduction to Nanoelectronic Single-Electron Circuit Design

Introduction to Nanoelectronic Single-Electron Circuit Design

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This book examines single-electron circuits as an introduction to the rapidly expanding field of nanoelectronics. It discusses both the analysis and synthesis of circuits with the nanoelectronic metallic single-electron tunneling (SET) junction device. The basic physical phenomena under consideration are the quantum mechanical tunneling of electrons through a small insulating gap between two metal leads, the Coulomb blockade and Coulomb oscillations a€” the last two resulting from the quantization of charge. The author employs an unconventional approach in explaining the operation and design of single-electron circuits.However, now, the net tunnel current by electrons from the valence band to empty states in the conduction band and from the ... energy of the electron is unchanged, causing the electrons to follow a horizontal path in the energy-band diagram.

Title:Introduction to Nanoelectronic Single-Electron Circuit Design
Author:Jaap Hoekstra
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-10-31


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