Introduction to Global Politics

Introduction to Global Politics

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Offering a truly global approach to international relations, Introduction to Global Politics, Brief Edition, Second Edition, brings together an expert team of international scholars to provide students with a current, engaging, and non-US perspective on global politics. A more concise version of Lamy et al.: Introduction to Global Politics, Second Edition, this brief edition condenses the longer volume's coverage from fourteen to ten chapters, making the content more manageable. The text includes extensive treatment of globalization throughout; integrates non-US perspectives from more than twenty global scholars; and emphasizes nonstate actors more than other textbooks. Pedagogical features and critical-thinking questions take the global approach one step further by encouraging students to develop their own informed worldview. NEW TO THIS EDITION * Detailed learning objectives are presented at the beginning of each chapter and reinforced by review questions * qEngaging with the Worldq boxes suggest ways that students can get involved with activist organizations * Updates throughout--including a 50%-new photo program--examine recent events and trends including the Arab Spring, the rise of China, and the continuing effects of the global economic crisis * Additional non-Western examples and a more even integration of critical approaches throughout provide more balanced coverage * Brief tables show how levels of analysis can be applied * Expanded coverage of regional governance and nonstate actors (Ch. 5), failed states, conflict, and the changing nature of war (Ch. 6), and human rights legislation and enforcement (Ch. 7) * New case studies offer in-depth analysis of such topics as drone warfare, cyberterrorism, the roots of poverty in Haiti, and the economics of coffee production PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES * A primer on theory in a single chapter (Chapter 3) succinctly introduces students to the predominant theoretical approaches in international relations * qTheory in Practiceq boxes demonstrate how theories in global politics relate to the real world by asking students to examine various scenarios using different theoretical lenses * qCase Studyq boxes use real-world events to show theories and concepts in action, helping students make policy decisions or other types of recommendations * qWhat's Your Worldview?q questions in the margins encourage students to think critically about issues, provide ideas for term paper topics, and help students to develop their own, more informed worldview * qThinking About Global Politicsq boxes at the end of every chapter give students the opportunity to develop their critical-thinking skills and apply their knowledge to in-depth activities dealing with real-world political issues * Additional study aids--including key terms, a comprehensive glossary, review questions at the end of each chapter, and margin charts that reinforce testable content--help students to better comprehend the material and prepare for tests ENSURING STUDENT SUCCESS We offer qualified adopters a comprehensive ancillary package: The INSTRUCTOR'S RESOURCE CD puts all of your teaching tools in one place. It contains the resources listed below: the Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Item File, the Computerized Test Bank, the PowerPoint-based slides, and the graphics from the text. * The Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Item File includes editable PowerPoint-based slides, lecture suggestions and activities, discussion questions, video resources, and web resources. * The Computerized Test Bank provides more than 1, 400 multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions. * PowerPoint-Based Slides: Each chapter's slide deckA more concise version of Lamy et al.: Introduction to Global Politics, Second Edition, this brief edition condenses the longer volumea#39;s coverage from fourteen to ten chapters, making the content more manageable.

Title:Introduction to Global Politics
Author:Steven L. Lamy, John S. Masker, John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2013-07-19


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