Introduction to Elastic Wave Propagation

Introduction to Elastic Wave Propagation

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Earthquakes are detected and studied by measuring the waves they create. Waves are transmitted through the Earth to detect oil and gas deposits and to study the Earth?s geological structure. Properties of materials are determined by measuring the behaviour of waves transmitted through them. In recent years, elastic waves transmitted through the human body have been used for medical diagnosis and therapy. Many students and professionals in various branches of engineering encounter problems requiring an understanding of elastic waves. In this book, they will find the basic concepts and methods of the theory of wave propagation in elastic materials. One-dimensional waves, transient waves and harmonic waves including reflections of plane waves at interfaces. Rayleigh waves, waves in elastic layers and in layered materials are discussed. Analytical methods in nonlinear wave propagation are presented. This book includes exercises with solutions and many explanatory figures.

Title:Introduction to Elastic Wave Propagation
Author:A. Bedford, D. S. Drumheller
Publisher:Wiley - 1996-07-25


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