Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics

Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics

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- Basic concepts are emphasized; usually they are intuitively introduced, then more precisely formulated, and compared with correlated concepts. - A plethora of new topics, such as quasicrystals, photonic crystals, GMR, TMR, CMR, high Tc superconductors, Bose-Einstein condensation, etc., are presented with sharp physical insights. - Bond and band approaches are discussed in parallel, breaking the barrier between physics and chemistry. - A highly accessible chapter is included on correlated electronic states -- rarely found in an introductory text. - Introductory chapters on tunneling, mesoscopic phenomena, and quantum-confined nanostructures constitute a sound foundation for nanoscience and nanotechnology. - The text is profusely illustrated with about 500 the application of quantum theory and statistical physics to the study of thermal properties of solids; electron band theory arose from ... In this section, we shall try to answer these questions. ... it concerns the enlarged scope of objects studied; the other is more subtle, it concerns a change or shift in conceptual frameworks.

Title:Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
Author:Duan Feng, Guojun Jin
Publisher:World Scientific - 2005


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