Intracellular Parasitic Protozoa

Intracellular Parasitic Protozoa

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Intracellular Parasitic Protozoa introduces the basic structure and classification of intracellular parasitic protozoa and the concept of parasitism. This book starts by discussing the concept of parasitism and the taxonomic background of various intracellular protozoan organisms. This is followed by a description of the relationships between intracellular protozoan and their host cells. Then, this book discusses the ultrastructure of cells and organisms, emphasizing cell morphology that serves as the primary basis of generalizations of the host cell-parasite relationships. It also presents the intracellular protozoa in several groups according to their probable taxonomic relationships and more obvious morphological similarities. Finally, this text describes protozoan fine structure, along with a brief discussion of their biological aspects. This book is ideal for researchers, teachers, and students who wish to gain more knowledge in parasitism caused by intracellular protozoa.This treatment was followed since the organisms resembled one another and because their life cycles were not completely ... In hosts other than the cat, only a portion of the life cycle occurs. ... Schematic diagram of the life cycle of Eimeria.

Title:Intracellular Parasitic Protozoa
Author:Masamichi Aikawa
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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