Into the Vines

Into the Vines

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Into the Vines is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism. French Bleu, a vintage-jazz nightclub in Paris offers a reprieve to its inhabitants from death, illness and captivity. Olivier is a pilot who rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa, while Daniela, a young nurse, seeks that which is amiss in her own life. Brie, a strong woman, must find a destiny which awaits her own ambition. She celebrates a milestone birthday after encountering an illness, bringing grace and experience in her search for something more. Daniela dreamed. a€œI want to be as confident as Brie on a sunny day in Savannah in the summertime.a€ From the vineyard cooking school in the garden-like Loire Valley, where these three lives meet, to the streets of Paris, where fate brings blessings from angst and longing. This story revels in realism. This sanctuary seemingly held an inspirational deity as they witnessed a spiritual unity on the Ceremonial Cliffs. Hawa dreams of flying a plane someday, while Francis possesses natural talents of the musical kind. Together they keep a secret for fear of retribution. a€œI heard LOVE lasts forever and my mom says there are all kinds of love. So maybe you should find another kind of love, since your first love lasted forever, a€ said Francis.Later that night outside, Darlene looked up and saw the stars were out; there was no wind, shefelt at peace. All wasset, the ... Her thoughts wandered aimlessly, she knew the blue moon wasna#39;t until Augustthis year, butsomething came over her in his presence. One fine day in ... Rather, she envisioned theplace ina modern world withrespect to women, not beingworried about your headfor heavena#39;s sake!

Title:Into the Vines
Author:Kim Troike
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-01-16


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