Interrogration, intelligence and security: Controversial British Techniques

Interrogration, intelligence and security: Controversial British Techniques

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Interrogation, Intelligence and Security examines the origins and effects of the use of interrogation techniques known as the 'five techniques'. Through its in-depth analysis the book reveals how British forces came to use such controversial methods in counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism and internal security contexts. There are clear parallels between the three case studies examined and the controversial interrogation techniques that continue to be used around the world today. By identifying and analysing the short- and long-term results of the use of the 'five techniques' in these case studies, the book leaves readers equipped to make informed judgements about whether interrogation techniques that might be described as torture can be justified. Focusing on the colony of Aden at a time when British rule was being challenged by nationalist insurgents (1963-67), on the height of 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland (1971) and the conflict in Iraq (2003), the book explores the use of hooding to restrict vision, white noise, stress positions, limited sleep and a limited diet. In each instance the use of these 'five techniques' was followed by allegations of brutality, Public Inquiries and changes to interrogation guidelines while the reasons the techniques were used differ from case to case. This book will be of particular interest to security professionals, academics and members of the public interested in the torture debate, intelligence, the military, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, foreign policy and law enforcement.CIA, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, 1983, via a#39;Prisoner abuse: Patterns from the pasta#39;, The National ... uploads/attachment_data/file/62632/Consolidated_Guidance_November_2011. pdf.

Title:Interrogration, intelligence and security: Controversial British Techniques
Author:Samantha Newbery
Publisher:Manchester University Press - 2015-05-01


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