Interpreting Education

Interpreting Education

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What is meant by education? How are educational institutions and processes evaluated, and how can they be improved? What curriculum is best? How are philosophy and education related? Abraham Edel answers these questions in the course of exploring education. He considers the problems of educational philosophy under conditions of rapid social change in the twentieth century and argues that too many of the traditional approaches to education were set in an effort to delineate a permanent structure rather than to work out ways of handling rapid change. Older models of education have worn thin and new approaches have to be constructed. Interpreting Education clears away old confusions and indicates the conditions that fresh modes of thought will have to satisfy. Contents: qEducation and Schooling in Cultural Perspectiveq; qGrading: Tracking the Philosophical Roots of a Specific Problemq; qA Philosophical Outlook as an Educational Resourceq; qCurrent Critiques of the Schoolsq; qPoliticized Schools and the Ideal of Impartialityq; qIdeals and Their Assessmentq; qToward a Moral Agenda for Contemporary Educationq; qRationality, Autonomy, Relativismq; qTeacher and Student in the Contemporary Worldq; qLearning and Teaching: Conceptual Problemsq; qForms of Learningq; qThe Pedagogical Encounterq; qScientific Knowledge and the Humanitiesq; qSocial and Moral Educationq; qComplexities of the Familiar: Sport and Physical Education; Crafts, Arts, and Technology; Basic Skillsq; qThe Confrontation of the Liberal and Vocational-Technicalq; qThe Social Character of Dewey's Philosophyq; qAims of Education: A Comparison Instead of a Controversy.qThese considerations do not imply that grading for achievement or success is unnecessary but that it cannot be postulated as necessary and ... or style may be criticized in a paper in history without grading it, so parts of work in any subject might be criticized without grading. ... James H. Block (New York: Holt, Rinehart aamp; Winston, 1971), points out that the normal curve describes the outcome of a randomanbsp;...

Title:Interpreting Education
Author:Abraham Edel
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 1985-01-01


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