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a€œSmart, scathing, and verbally inventive to an astonishing degree, David J. Schow is one of the most interesting writers of his generation.a€a€”Peter Straub a€œInter-what?a€ When advertising executive Conrad Maddox returns from a redeye flight and finds a mysterious locker key waiting in his rental car, he discovers a briefcase loaded with guns and money. Several hours later, his entire life tumbles down a rabbit hole when he meets Dandine, owner of the case and former contract assassin for a shadowy organization called Norco, which is now out to nail both of them. a€œInternecinea€ means conflict, mutual destruction, and slaughtera€”or, as Dandine tells Conrad, they are now inadvertently at play in a field of a€œterrorism, counter-assassination, military coups, dirty tricks, Watergate, spy vs. spy, murky secret organizations, that sort of thing.a€ A world in which being innocent cana€™t save you, the police cana€™t help you, and your only hope of getting out alive is to risk unheard-of dangers against opponents with nearly unlimited power. To free themselves from the spider web of black ops, murder, madness and betrayal, Dandine and Conrad must delve ever-deeper into the spiraling, dangerous maze that is Norco, where everyone seems to be in on the most lethal of gamesa€bexcept you.I slammed both eyes shut and stupidly braced against the dash, imagining impact , fire, my funeral. The khaki-colored Jeep Liberty spun out after getting a macro view of our left rear bumper. The shoulder was not guardrailed and we missedanbsp;...

Author:David J. Schow
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-08-03


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