International News in the Digital Age

International News in the Digital Age

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The new research presented in this volume suggests that general perceptions (cultural, psychological, geographical), allied to the customs and values of journalism, and underpinned by the uses of technology, significantly shape international news. This gives rise to a blend of the old and the new; traditions of cultural centredness and innovative practices; anchorages of place and the rootlessness of globalization. Technology per se has not swept all before it. On the other hand, its uses have altered the means and methods of international news sourcing, construction and dissemination. Consequently, the uptake of technology has contributed to fundamental changes in style and form, and has greatly facilitated cross-cultural exchanges. The category a€˜international newsa€™ is now more of a hybrid, as recognized by the BBC and others. The chapters in this book demonstrate that this hybridity is unevenly distributed across geo-political domains, and often across time. Nevertheless, as the contributors to this volume show, the concept of a€˜international newsa€™ relies on tightly interwoven elements of orthodox journalism, social media, civic expression and public assembly.Australia; the Hudson River plane crash) citizens posting to social media sites simply scooped the mainstream media (beat them at their ... monopoly of news making, the news media are forced to respond by giving the news users a role in news makinga€ (Nip 2006, 230). ... submit content but a€œwork collectively to determine the relative value of each submissiona€ began to take hold (Jenkins 2008, 251a€“2).

Title:International News in the Digital Age
Author:Judith Clarke, Michael Bromley
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-01-25


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