Interactive Systems. Design Specification, and Verification

Interactive Systems. Design Specification, and Verification

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The 12th year of this workshop brought further development to familiar themes but also welcomedinclusionof less familiartopics suchas experience and quality-based design. The two keynote speakers, Cliff Jones and Peter Wright, described contrasting research and in so doing added zest to the meeting, emphasising the interdisciplinary breadthofthe problemsofinteractivesystem designandveri?cation. Cliff Jones, taking an approach that is familiar to the workshop faithful, discussed the role that a careful formal framing plays in specifying how an interactive system relies on its environment, including users. Peter Wright, in contrast, discussed the nature of human experience and how new conceptions of user experience can critically inform interaction design theory, principles and practice. As usual, the submitted papers placed a strong emphasis on task representation as a means of modelling the requirements for the interactive system. CTT appears to be emerging as a defacto standard for describing tasks within this community and several papers describe model-orientated approaches based on task representation. Montero et al. address a broad framework rendered in terms of a tool, while Ponsard et al. give a speci?c example of model-based design and Nobrega et al. deal with the more speci?c issue of mapping CTT to UML. Other papers consider different aspects of concep- alising the design. Paterno and Volpe consider how to move from sketches or informal descriptions to task representations, while Paquette and Schneider deal with templates that ease the process of producing task descriptions. Naghsh et al.qS8: Argument by Claiming all Hazards have been mitigated S9: Argument by claiming all components are safe List of Hazards List of piping and relative components 25 G8.1: Water- ... Regarding monitoring activities of manual handling (Fig.

Title:Interactive Systems. Design Specification, and Verification
Author:Stephen W. Gilroy, Michael D. Harrison
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-05-15


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