Integument, Respiration and Circulation

Integument, Respiration and Circulation

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This volume is primarily devoted to the analysis of the integument (epidermis, cuticle), the fat body, the connective tissues, the circulatory and respiratory systems. It discusses the organization and functioning of the insect systems implicated in growth, intermediary metabolism, homeostasis and defence mechanisms. Much of the volume is devoted to anatomical and structural developments, which appear as introductions to corresponding biochemical and physiological aspects. Many diagrams, drawings and photographs accompany the text throughout. Altogether, this volume presents a clear and up-to-date account of the most recent and important discoveries in the fields and shows the extent of progress which is expected in the near future.8B). SPs release the material in their spherules into the hemolymph by exocytosis. Histochemically, the spherules have been reported to contain neutral or acid mucopolysaccharide and glycomucoproteins by several authors (see Gupta, A., anbsp;...

Title:Integument, Respiration and Circulation
Author:G. A. Kerkut
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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