Inside Windows 10

Inside Windows 10

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In this eBook, Onuora Amobi, former Microsoft MVP for Windows and the editor of introduces the reader to Microsoft's newest ecosystem - Windows 10. The author meticulously starts at the beginning and guides you through the evolution of Windows from Windows 7, Microsoft's culture and what it has taken to get Microsoft to this point. Some of what youa€™ll learn: The evolution of Microsoft a€“ Why Windows 10 was necessary. The new CEO a€“ Satya Nadellaa€™s philosophy and how ita€™s driving this change Windows 9 a€“ what happened? How come Microsoft skipped this number? Windows 10 a€“ not just a desktop upgrade a€“ a complete ecosystem. Why this is important to know. Just how many versions of Windows 10 are there? Universal Applications are coming a€“ how this will make your life easier. How developing for Windows products is about to get a lot easier. Cortana a€“ Microsofta€™s new virtual assistant and how it could change computing. Project Spartan a€“ How Microsoft is attempting to make browsing the web easier. Microsofta€™s role in the a€œInternet of Thingsa€ What happened to Windows RT? and much much morea€b Windows 10 is Microsoft's most ambitious undertaking and you will learn exactly how this new Operating System may change the face of computing forever.For developers, the promise of one store across devices means they will now have the ability and flexibility to deliver content ... Accessories: All wireless Xbox gaming accessories will be designed for and supported on both Xbox One consolesanbsp;...

Title:Inside Windows 10
Author:Onuora Amobi
Publisher:Onuora Amobi - 2015-03-01


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