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This volume explains how to build a six-legged robot that walks and responds to its environment using state-of-the-art technology and advanced artificial intelligence. The book discusses mechanical construction, electronics, PIC programming, use of sensors and robot-intelligence routines. A software chapter includes routines to co-ordinate the servos for walking, monitoring the sensors and the output and control of sound and light. The book ends with a special section on how readers might experiment to evolve the robot further and make it their own.servo mechanisms (continued) centering of, 52-53 connection diagram for, 86, 86 connector wires for, 86, 86 high torque, ... 260 switches, double pole double throw (DPDT), 84, 84 Technical Research Center Komatsu Ltd., 4 temperatureanbsp;...

Author:Karl Williams
Publisher:Tab Books - 2003


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