Information Technology and Socialist Construction

Information Technology and Socialist Construction

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The failure of command central planning in the twentieth century has led to a general disillusionment within the socialist movement worldwide. Some alternatives to capitalism have been proposed since the end of the Cold War, but none has offered an alternative form of economic calculation. This book explains how modern information technology may be used to implement a new method of economic calculation that could bring an end to capitalism and make socialism possible. In this book, the author critically examines a number of socialist proposals that have been put forward since the end of the Cold War. It is shown that although these proposals have many merits, their inability effectively to incorporate the benefits of information technology into their models has limited their ability to solve the problem of socialist construction. The final section of the book proposes an entirely new model of socialist development, based on a qneeds profileq that makes it possible to convert the needs of large numbers of people into data that can be used as a guide for resource allocation. This analysis makes it possible to rethink and carefully specify the conditions necessary for the abolition of capital and consequently the requirements for socialist revolution and, ultimately, communist society. Information Technology and Socialist Construction will be of interest to students and scholars of political economy, the history of economic thought, labour economics and industrial economics.The New York Times 96 The Philosophy ofPoverty 41 The Poverty ofPhilosophy 248 a€œThe Principles of Communisma€ 20, 218, 223 The ... 94 Venezuela 154 Venn diagram 200 Vietnam War 100 violence 29a€“30 virtual return of inputs 180 voluntarism 128a€“9, 249 voluntary ... income 185a€“6 work profile 183a€“4 worker- managed market capitalism 3, 130, 137, 140 worker-managed market socialism Index 271.

Title:Information Technology and Socialist Construction
Author:Daniel E. Saros
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-05-09


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