Information Doesn't Want to Be Free

Information Doesn't Want to Be Free

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In sharply argued, fast-moving chapters, Cory Doctorowa€™s Information Doesna€™t Want to Be Free takes on the state of copyright and creative success in the digital age. Can small artists still thrive in the Internet era? Can giant record labels avoid alienating their audiences? This is a book about the pitfalls and the opportunities that creative industries (and individuals) are confronting today a€” about how the old models have failed or found new footing, and about what might soon replace them. An essential read for anyone with a stake in the future of the arts, Information Doesna€™t Want to Be Free offers a vivid guide to the ways creativity and the Internet interact today, and to what might be coming next.Building yourown homebrew bookscannercosts lessthan three hundred dollars, and there are extremely wellwritten ... Pair itup with your ebook reading app ( Amazona#39;s Kindle app, say), click the buttonthat takes youto thefirst page, and then anbsp;...

Title:Information Doesn't Want to Be Free
Author:Cory Doctorow
Publisher:McSweeney's - 2014-11-11


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