Infidel Behind the Paradoxical Veil

Infidel Behind the Paradoxical Veil

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Most Western non-Muslim women couldn't envision surrendering their freedom and being forced to comply with Saudi women's entrapped customs which have existed for the past 1, 400 years. Did you know that Saudi Arabia's religious police, known as the Mutawa, can take any woman to jail for not covering her hair or wearing an abaya? How would you imagine yourself living a life being compelled to abide by the power and values of men: not being able to drive, talk with your driver, shop alone without a male escort, leave the country without a male escort, or be seen alone with a non-related male? INFIDEL BEHIND THE PARADOXICAL VEIL - A Western Woman's Experience in Saudi Arabia is a personal story of startling encounters such as mentioned above while Jeanette English lived in Riyadh, the most restrictive city in Saudi Arabia, where women who by Shariah law and culture are considered to be the weaker sex. Jeanette candidly unmasks a unique experience which exposes the enigmatic issues affecting Saudi women. Their struggle for equality and freedom of choice is a hot topic with an accelerating interest in the subject of male dominance over them, stirring an intrinsic controversy over which many Westerners are confused. This is a timely book offering extraordinary insight into the real Saudi woman before, during and after the author's year in Riyadh which will turn a few cynical heads toward understanding the issues and challenges in their achieving fair treatment, particularly now in the 21st century. Forced to wear the hijab, Jeanette read the Quran and, in learning about Islam and talking with Saudi women, was able to look behind the veil which many Westerners can only read about. Most authors and journalists who write on this subject have not lived her experience.Besides turning up in the oddest places and at the oddest times, the Mutawa appear most often just prior to prayer calling. Very often they are seen on major roads in their GMC trucks or land cruisers with loud speakers announcing a reminderanbsp;...

Title:Infidel Behind the Paradoxical Veil
Author:Jeanette M. English
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02


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