Infectious Diseases and Arthropods

Infectious Diseases and Arthropods

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Covers mosquito, tick, and flea-borne diseases, and a variety of other miscellaneous vector-borne diseases, including Chagas' disease, African sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis, scrub typhus, and louse-borne infections. This work provides for each disease a description of the vector involved, notes on its biology and ecology and distribution maps.1.9 Mosquito bite lesions showing inflammatory response (photo copyright 2005 by Jerome Goddard, Ph.D.) been used in the past and ... Some beetles, called blister beetles, possess the chemical cantharidin in their body fluids which can produce large fluid-filled blisters when ... Disease Transmission Disease transmission is the primary indirect effect of arthropods on human health. The bite itself causes no health problem a€“ it is the etiologic agent transferred during the event.

Title:Infectious Diseases and Arthropods
Author:Jerome Goddard
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-01-06


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