Induced plant responses to microbes and insects

Induced plant responses to microbes and insects

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Plants are members of complex communities and interact both with antagonists and beneficial organisms. An important question in plant defense-signaling research is how plants integrate signals induced by pathogens, insect herbivores and beneficial microbes into the most appropriate adaptive response. Molecular and genomic tools are now being used to uncover the complexity of the induced defense signaling networks that have evolved during the arms races between plants and the other organisms with which they intimately interact. To understand the functioning of the complex defense signaling network in nature, molecular biologists and ecologists have joined forces to place molecular mechanisms of induced plant defenses in an ecological perspective. In this Research Topic, we aim to provide an on-line, open-access snapshot of the current state of the art of the field of induced plant responses to microbes and insects, with a special focus on the translation of molecular mechanisms to ecology and vice versa.PrAc, M. M., Atallah, M. M., Champion, A. A., De Vos, M. M., Pieterse, C. M. J. C., and Memelink, J. J. (2008). The AP2/ERF ... ingpublished:11January 2013; accepted: 18 January 2013; published online: 04 February 2013. ... article was submitted to Frontiers in Plant-Microbe Interaction, a specialty of Frontiers in Plant Science. ... Sheard, L. B., Tan, X., Mao, H., Withers, J., Ben-Nissan, G., Hinds, T. R., et al.

Title:Induced plant responses to microbes and insects
Author:Corné M. J. Pieterse, Marcel Dicke, Saskia C. M. Van Wees, Erik H. Poelman
Publisher:Frontiers E-books - 2014-04-14


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