In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

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Twenty-one-year-old Alexandra Candos doesn't dream. Plagued by sleep disorders from a young age, she experiences empty nights. She is never able to travel to far-off places or imagine new worlds in her slumbera€”that is, until she returns to her New England university for her junior year. As the school year starts, Alex begins to dream of a handsome, intelligent, mysterious guy named Tyler; she quickly finds herself enamored with this dream figure. Alex's nighttime relationship with Tyler continues, but she has trouble believing she just made this guy up, especially after years of dreamless slumber. When she does some research and learns the reason that she can see him only in her dreams, she wonders whether the relationship can continue. Meanwhile, a dangerous threat grows on campus. A rapist is attacking women in the night, and no one has caught him. What's more, Alex suspects he may be an incubusa€”a mythological creature that preys on women. Alex seeks help from Tyler, but what can he do from her dreams? Alex may be in danger of more than just a broken heart. In this paranormal romance, only time will tell if love can survive both dark forces and the complexities of two people in two different worlds.She headed off to the kitchen and, calling back over her shoulder, asked me ifI wanted a cup as well. a€œNo thanks, a€ I called back. Ijust wanted to go up to my room , change, and continue my lazy reprieve from the car ride.As I headed up the stairsanbsp;...

Title:In Your Dreams
Author:Demetra Fisher
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-04


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