In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America?s Occupation

In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America?s Occupation

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Th is highly controversial book is going to change the political and cultural direction and scene of America in the 21st Century. It will do this by providing America's Compatriots the tools they've been searching for to stop America's Government, Supreme Court Judges, and Politicians from continuing to push this great Republic into the Abyss of a Borderless and lawless nation. By analyzing key words and the US Constitution, this book shows America's Compatriots how to stop their Government, from resting power from the Republic by continuing to misinterpret and misread key sections and words of the Constitution. And, unfortunately for the Republic, these misinterpretations are allowing Mexico's (and other foreign nation's) criminal citizens and colonizers to invade and occupy US sovereign soil, destroy America's Western Christian Culture via qcultural genocide, q and allowing their American born (qnot-legalq) children to claim unlawful citizenship. Unfortunately for Mexico's colonizing invaders and these children, this book proves these lawless colonizers' invasion, is not, any kind of immigration, so politicians are breaking Federal law to protect them. Chapter 1: Th is book tells readers why this book was written; Chapters 2 through 4 are this book's heart. It introduces readers to key literary facts, defi nitions, and analysis of the Constitution, and key sections that prove America's Government and politicians have betrayed the Republic's Citizens. Finally, Chapter 5, and the 3 Appendixes sum up and complete the research. We feel, with these facts, Americans should be ready to save the Country that our Constitution's drafters wrote was blessed and qordainedq by qGod.q We hope they will be ready to fi ght these rogue politicians and judges, and to stop the qcultural genocideq of America's Western Christian culture, English language, and US sovereignty.... say it over simplifies the US Constitution, but the fact remains that we can prove the Constitution is a written essay with an ... of the basic principles of essay writing, leta#39;s see how literary analysis and the rules of grammar and composition cananbsp;...

Title:In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America?s Occupation
Author:Reg. B. Two Stones
Publisher:Author House - 2014-03


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