Implementation of IBM j-type Ethernet Switches and Routers

Implementation of IBM j-type Ethernet Switches and Routers

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IBMAr j-type data center solutions running Junos software (from Juniper Networks) provide operational agility and efficiency, dramatically simplifying the network and delivering savings. With this solution, a network design has fewer devices, interconnections, and network tiers. Beyond the cost advantages, the design offers the following key benefits: Reduces latency Simplifies device management Delivers significant power, cooling, and space savings Eliminates multiple system failure points Performs pervasive security The high-performance data center is built around IBM j-type e-series Ethernet switches, m-series routers, and s-series firewalls. This new family of powerful products helps to shape the next generation of dynamic infrastructure. IBM j-type e-series Ethernet switches meet escalating demands while controlling costs. IBM j-type m-series Ethernet routers are high-performance routers with powerful switching and security capabilities. This IBM RedbooksAr publication targets IT professionals who sell, design, or administer IBM j-type networking solutions. It provides information about IBM j-type Ethernet switches and routers and includes the following topics: Introduction to Ethernet fundamentals and IBM j-type Ethernet switches and routers Initial hardware planning and configuration Other configuration topics including Virtual Chassis configuration, Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 configurations, and security features Network management features of Junos software and maintenance of the IBM j-type series hardware... to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) Sections 400-8 (NFPA 75, 5-2.2) and 210-52 and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 4-010(3). ... Table 3-4 The ac power cord specifications for an IBM e-series modular switch Country or region Electrical specifications ... 16 A, 50 Hz NEMA 6a€“20 NEMA L6a€“20 North America 250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz NEMA 6a€“20 NEMA L6a€“20 125 VAC, 15 A, 50 Hz anbsp;...

Title:Implementation of IBM j-type Ethernet Switches and Routers
Author:Sangam Racherla, Norman Bogard, Gareth Edwards, Nathan Flowers, Paul Ionescu, Gabriel Slomovitz, See Keong Soon, IBM Redbooks
Publisher:IBM Redbooks - 2011-02-13


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