I'm Not A Golfer, I Play Golf

I'm Not A Golfer, I Play Golf

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It took two years and the help of 15 PGA teaching professionals, sports psychologist, golf equipment designers and club fitters to make this the most exciting golf instruction book in years. By teaching the player the learning process and how to go about finding their own individual learning style and traits, Ia€™m Not a Golfer, I Play Golf puts each student on the fast track to golf improvement. Leta€™s face it; real golf improvement and lower scores can be only achieved through both study and practice. If you practice without study (and you also get lucky), youa€™ll take the long road to lower scores. A player must study; you must learn golf improvement first. And before you learn golf improvement, wouldna€™t it make sense to identify how you learn best in order to shorten the process. Dona€™t all players want a short cut to lower scores? Ia€™m Not a Golfer, I Play Golf teaches you the learning process and teaches you basic golf fundamentals. This is the same information that has influenced every great player that has every played the game.Ita#39;s Not How You Play Golf, Ita#39;s How You Learn To Play Greg Peddie. About the writer Marc ... Marc is currently in the process of writing his own golf instruction book and a golf fitness manual with DVD. ... Make a firm commitment 98 Greg Peddie.

Title:I'm Not A Golfer, I Play Golf
Author:Greg Peddie
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-02-22


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