Igniting Passion (Red Starr, Book Three)

Igniting Passion (Red Starr, Book Three)

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Risking everythinga€b Aaron a€œSticka€ Scott spent twelve years of his life protecting his country. He diffused well over fifteen hundred bombs during the course of his military career, expecting each one to be his last. Luck had a huge part in his survival but it was fate that had a laugh at his expense by having a woman shatter his heart. Playing it safea€b Simone Laurenta€™s career as a cultural attachAc wasna€™t exciting by any means, but she did love promoting the culture of her homeland. What she hadna€™t anticipated was getting caught up in political war where her life would be at risk. Her situation goes from bad to worse when the man she left behind is the only one who can save her. Igniting Passiona€b Sticka€™s hostage rescue mission becomes sidetracked when hea€™s ordered to protect the one woman who couldna€™t handle his job. Seeing her in the light of day brings back memories theya€™d both rather soon forget, but ita€™s the long evenings together that lights a fuse neither one can ignore. Will their reignited passion survive the highly explosive danger thata€™s coming their way? Series Description: Red Starr HRT is a paramilitary hostage rescue team that was originally formed years ago by two retired Marine Master Sergeants. Upon the death of Catori Starr's husband, Brendan qRedq O'Neill, she took a much needed hiatus to deal with her guilt and all consuming grief. Two years later Starr is clawing her way back and ready to lead a fresh team of five cherry-picked former Force Recon Marines. Red Starr HRT takes cases the FBI and other agencies won't touch, from domestic assignments bordering on the grey edges to missions abroad against savage terrorist regimes. Follow along as Kennedy Layne conveys each of their stories as they work together on high risk rescues that lead them down perilous paths of passion, intrigue and suspense...Simone walked back to her small side table where she kept her own idle onecup coffee maker that she was currently out of the single serving Kcups for and snatched up some napkins. She dried off her fingers when what she really needed toanbsp;...

Title:Igniting Passion (Red Starr, Book Three)
Author:Kennedy Layne
Publisher:Kennedy Layne Publishing - 2015-05-19


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