If This Vortex Doesn't Slow Down

If This Vortex Doesn't Slow Down

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The pain and the glory to be an exceptiona€”that is one definition of Bella. Then add her political predictions, ramifications, and implications will amaze the readers as to the timing and years ahead of the rest of the country she is but all predictions come true. Now add the story. This is the mothership of all cruises to take with Bella who uses her sunshine, giggles, and color to pull her through a story we all are horrified, cry, cheer, and then laugh out loud till crying she is so hilarious and eventually want to pick her up and carry her into our own lives. One exceptionally undefinable girlie like no one you will ever meet again shares her ability to survive through some one the most indescribable certifiable kidnapping scenes only for her to turn them into comedic skits to gain strength and amaze all of her survivalist nature we all could learn from. Did you ever meet someone whoa€™s story was just so unimaginable and you cannot picture how they ended up speaking the English language forward not backward in the end she has one of the most hilarious vicious sense of humor with one of the truest hearts, biggest compassion, God-fearing , God-loving, and love of country. Bellaa€™s voice, passion, and unrelenting prophetic political side that drives her Earnhardt speed and unnerving clairvoyant prediction to the realism of the heartbeat and destruction of our own country. The story threads one girla€™s journey to get out of abusive relationships and her desire to pull our country along with her out of the abusive plot taking Life and Liberty Away from The Big Girlie and our girlie gains hers back.This Was Meant as a Diary Welcome to the Vortex Life and Liberty Taken... and my bunker buddy S.C. Johnson. of fucking ... Anywhoa#39;s I am driving him back to Snowbird as we are installing his sun roof. He gives me ... At one point I end up needing to pick up Ross Perots jeep Cherokee we installed his cell phone. No worryanbsp;...

Title:If This Vortex Doesn't Slow Down
Author:S.C. Johnson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-09-08


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