IELTS Essay Task 1 - General and Academic

IELTS Essay Task 1 - General and Academic

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Are you still using rote memorization to recall ideas and vocabulary? Are you still leaving things until the last minute? Are you still finding IELTS Writing worrisome? This part is written by a current IELTS examiners. Having been an examiner for several years and having taught IELTS courses, they are familiar with the main problems students face when preparing to take the writing module. This part, with frequently-tested questions and model answers, will expose to you the testing pattern and how to reach the level of the model answers. Part 1 Academic - Task 1 Report writing. This part will introduce you which point to begin from, which to pay more attention to and which can be neglected in your writing. There are Data Questions (of which there are 30), Process Diagrams (of which there are 11) and Maps (of which there are 4) in this part. Part 2 General Training - Task 1 Letter Writing. This part will introduce you how to write according to the topics and express your ideas to the addressees in a clever way. There are 12 sample questions in this part.... into barsof chocolate, for example. Alternatively, itmight go toenrobing, where it isused to cover other ingredientsas part of chocolatecoated products.(180 words) Essay Writing Question Model Answer Thediagram suggests asixstage plan for.

Title:IELTS Essay Task 1 - General and Academic
Author:Caleb Hughes
Publisher:Caleb Hughes - 2014-11-08


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