Ida M. Tarbell

Ida M. Tarbell

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Follows the life of Ida Tarbell, the nineteenth-century author/journalist whose articles on the corrupt practices of John D. Rockeller and Standard Oil Company resulted in legislation against trusts.a€œspark-plug. . . department, a€ a€œI cannot. . . cannota€: Lyon, 290a€“91. commissioned: Details of the deal can be found in Wilson, ... New York Times, April 12, 1906, /archive-free/pdf?res= F10616FA3A5A12738DDDAB0994DC405B868CF1D3. ... 167 a€œthe ringmaster . . . showa€: Baker, quoted in Boyden, 29.

Title:Ida M. Tarbell
Author:Emily Arnold McCully
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2014-07-08


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