I Thought I Had Read the Book of Acts

I Thought I Had Read the Book of Acts

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In the Bible, the book of Acts appears after the four gospels. Its stories of Paul's conversion, the Pentecost, and the acts of the disciples are well known. But have you really studied this book, verse by verse? If not, the time is now. In this intriguing collection of essays, John Sprankle reveals how, along with the Bible, he used a proven system of careful, prayerful analysis based on five questions--who, what, when, where, and why--to discover the heart of the book of Acts. He explains how he and a small group of like-minded believers decided to read Acts one verse at a time, and try to hear it as a first-century person would have heard it for the first time. The results of their study were life changing. Sprankle details the revelations they received and offers a thoughtful essay on each one. His commentary is both refreshing and honest, and it shows how truly listening to the Holy Spirit can radically change the way you interpret the Bible.However, the following is the part that is not clearly stated in any literature I have read, and needs to be stated simply: The creator in his word uses the ... The Jews failed in response to the law. ... The problem is a philosophic 86 John Sprankle.

Title:I Thought I Had Read the Book of Acts
Author:John Sprankle
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2013-06


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