I Hear You

I Hear You

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Birth, death, and conflicta€”three things you truly cana€™t avoid. Whether ita€™s big or small, conflict eats into productivity and makes people feel stuck. Yet solutions exist for even the toughest situations with the most intractable people. The answer lies in better communicationa€”not just using different words, but rather learning to think differently. I Hear You supplies proven techniques for stepping outside onea€™s point of view and seeing things from other perspectives. Sample dialogues show how this shift in thinking leads to better conversations and greatly improved outcomes. Readers learn how to: a€c Tell the other persona€™s storya€”the cornerstone of real engagement a€c Look from the outside in and see themselves as others do a€c Recognize the role systemic factors playa€”and transform a conflict into a shared challenge a€c Overcome the defense mechanisms that derail dialogue For anyone trying to negotiate a difficult situation with a boss, colleague, employee, or client, I Hear You changes opposition into understanding and mere talk into real trust.Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate Successfully, and Build Consensus . . . in Three Simple Steps Donny Ebenstein ... Our mission is to support the goals of individuals and organizations through a complete range of products andanbsp;...

Title:I Hear You
Author:Donny Ebenstein
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2013-12-11


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