I Don't Know What I Want But I Want to Be Happy

I Don't Know What I Want But I Want to Be Happy

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Happiness is a choice available to you whenever you decide you want it. If your outlook on life has become a continuous 'whatever, ' if you think of your life as a 'hit-and-miss' game that you mostly 'miss, ' if you are tired of feeling like a victim of your own negativity, you're not alone! I don't know what I want but I want to be happy is about learning how to find the happiness that you think is missing from your life. It's about deciding what you want, setting goals, and then going about achieving them. It's about really examining yourself and turning everything upside-down and inside-out so you can find the parts that work for YOU. Now, get happy by: getting rid of negative self-talk finding creative outlets feeling healthier having a 'gratitude attitude' telling the difference between want and need making happy time...and so much moreMy roommate at the time had received one as a gift for Christmas, and once I had been able to try it out, I was in the living room every morning playing it like ... I had given up the idea of ever getting one within the next decade, until one day I found myself with four hundred dollars in cash from a recent job. ... Of course, the little instant gratification devil was telling me that I had to have the Xbox that night.

Title:I Don't Know What I Want But I Want to Be Happy
Author:Kimberly Kirberger, Jesse Kirberger
Publisher:Health Communications, Inc. - 2010-01-01


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