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TransGlobal Airlines has joined the battle of domestic airlines and intends to win the war. In the company's plans is the purchase of the world's first hypersonic passenger jet, capable of trans-oceanic flight at Mach 6. The firm explodes on the market, its shares skyrocketing. What no one realizes, not even its dedicated president, is that organized crime is controlling the Board of Directors. When the airline announces the first-ever New Year's Eve champagne flight-Los Angeles to Tokyo to Sydney to Los Angeles with gala celebrations of two new years- every seat is sold. Blackmail, murder, and greed entwine, forcing the president of TransGlobal to confront the airline's secretive past. The question becomes: Will organized crime, a mysterious death, and possible sabotage conspire to bring down the HSCT-797 hypersonic jet. . .and the company?He opened a small file cabinet, and took out a funny looking contraption. It consisted of a small ... He needed to get the pictures of the maintenance logs now. ... His mind raced to find a good reason for leafing through a maintenance binder.

Author:Brian Peters
Publisher:Booksurge Publishing - 2005-08-26


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