Human Traffickers: The Cuzvas Street Debacle

Human Traffickers: The Cuzvas Street Debacle

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The media hype surrounding a dead woman found on the railroad of a quaint U.S. border town suggests the U.S. Border Patrol is responsible. As public outrage grows, the U.S. Border Patrol assigns their special agent Brian Hudson the task of solving the mystery surrounding her death and saving the agency from further embarrassment in the court of public opinion. Briana€™s investigation, initially stifled by internal bureaucracy, corruption and deception, lurches into a frenzied jumpstart when one of the trafficked, scorned and discarded victims, Ekamon Jansuk, squeezes through a barely audible distress call from her hiding place in a barricaded house in an affluent northern California suburb. In San Francisco, Lynn Chidu is forced to choose between jail time and succumbing to sexual harassment, thanks to administrative irregularities uncovered by a senior corporate executive with a history of female molestation. Lynn opts to become a corporate spy at the urging of human rights activist Robin Kirchoff, who suspects that Lynna€™s employer is a front for a worldwide high-tech human trafficking ring; whose intrusive and pervasive cutting edge technology aids crime families and organizations around the world to traffic women for every conceivable use and debased exploitation. To rescue thousands of trafficked women conned and entrapped against their will across the U.S., Brian, Lynn, and Robin will have to risk their lives to outwit a management team bent on cornering the ten billion-dollar human trafficking industry and changing the rules of U.S. border enforcement.The driver of a white fifteen-passenger Dodge Ram van with heavily tinted windows drove down Ashley Street in Plano, a plush northern suburb of Dallas. The sign on ... The gates were fifteen feet high and measured twenty feet wide. On eachanbsp;...

Title:Human Traffickers: The Cuzvas Street Debacle
Author:Joe Ike
Publisher:xBusinessServices Corp. - 2012-06-01


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