Human, Information, Thing

Human, Information, Thing

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An ambitious formulation of the goal with this book is to explore human behaviour, thinking, and limitations of thinking, by studying the structures and type of solutions it creates, i.e. by studying human society and technology. In a slightly less bombastic formulation this book should: Am Learn about quality of life, and how interaction technology can and will support it. Am Highlight general principles such as complexity, search, event, feedback, context, mobility, agent, action, memory, network, intelligence, and more Am Favour rational thought and a scientific thinking, while still maintaining a humble approach to the intricacies of life. Am Encourage the design stance, and creative thinking. Am Focus on interaction technology and doing it. Am The book should be usable, also in 5 years from anytime.[FG] F. Gemperle at al, a€œDesign for Wearabilitya€, wearability/files/Wearability.pdf, ... and Human Controla€, Control Proceedings of 18th European Conference on Human Decision Making and Manual Control ISBN ... Helm, Johnson, Vlissides, a€œDesign patterns: Elements of reusable object oriented designa€, Addison-Wesley, 1994, ... [HP] H. Parunak et al, a€œCo-X: defining what agents do togethera€,, visited 23/8 2002.

Title:Human, Information, Thing
Author:Håkan Gulliksson
Publisher:Håkan Gulliksson -


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