Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology

Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology

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Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology is written for readers who are curious about what human (social) cognition is, and whether and how advanced software programs or robots can become social agents. Topics addressed in 16 peer-reviewed chapters by researchers at the forefront of agent research include: Narrative intelligence and implementations of story-telling systems, socially situated avatars and a€˜consciousa€™ software agents, cognitive architectures for socially intelligent agents, agents with emotions, design issues for interactive systems, artificial life agents, contributions to agent design from artistic practice, and a Cognitive Technology view on living with socially intelligent agents. The book addresses both software and robotic agents. On the one hand justice is done to the scientific and technical aspects, and on the other hand the reader will learn about pioneering technological developments which are necessary for a public discourse and critical evaluation on where social agent technology is leading us and how such a development can be shaped in order to meet the social, cultural and cognitive needs of humans. The book is suitable for students, researchers, and everyone interested in this emerging and quickly growing field, it does not require any specialist background knowledge. (Series B)CMattie understands the negative connotation in a€œnot a seminara€ and the repeated occurrence of the phrase a€œdissertation defensea€ activates her questioning capability to send a message to the organizer with the question, a€œ How does aanbsp;...

Title:Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology
Author:Kerstin Dautenhahn
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2000-03-15


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