How to Write Attention-Grabbing Query & Cover Letters

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Query & Cover Letters

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John Wood sees it with numbing regularity: the query letter that comes close to making a sale - until the writer makes some fatal, but avoidable mistake. abreak;abreak;So the Modern Maturity senior editor wrote this letter-writer's guidebook. Read it, learn from it, use its secrets to write queries that get accepted. abreak;abreak;Discover: abreak; why boldness beats blandness every timeabreak; how to rocket your query right past the slush pileabreak; how to make a big impression with a little cover letterabreak; the 10 basics you must have in your article queryabreak; the 10 query blunders that can ruin your chancesabreak; how to dramatize your novel with a query/synopsis packageabreak; what a book proposal is, why you need it, and how to write it abreak;abreak;As you publish more, your professional correspondence will increase. Whether the correspondence is a complaint to your editor, a celebrity interview request or anything else connected with your career, you'll make it ring with style and professionalism with this book. abreak;abreak;Wood includes chapter-ending Question a Answer sections that clarify issues concerning the type of letter at hand. He's also packed the book with illustrative samples. You'll see many that are pure dynamite - and one real bomb. abreak;abreak;Read this book and immediately begin to write energetic, masterly, persuasive letters. Keep editors hanging on your words. Make them eager to buy your work.Accepting a magazinea#39;s first offer could indeed brand you as easy. Asking for more ... What if the editor wona#39;t budge from the original offer? (aquot;Ia#39;m sorry, but this is our ... In real estate the key word is location, location, location. In freelancing, ita#39;sanbsp;...

Title:How to Write Attention-Grabbing Query & Cover Letters
Author:John Wood
Publisher:Writer's Digest Books - 2000-08-15


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