How to Sweet-Talk a Shark

How to Sweet-Talk a Shark

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Sharks are not evil. But they're single-minded and very, very hungry. On land, they take the form of bosses, businesspeople, colleagues, family, and sociopathic neighbors. In the world of former governor of New Mexico and US ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, they have taken the form of the most powerful people in the world. He's engaged in high-stakes, face-to-face negotiations with Castro, Saddam, the Taliban, two generations of North Korean leadership, and many more of the world's most infamous dictatorsa€”and done it so well he was known as the qUndersecretary of Thugsq while with the Clinton administration. Now the 5-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee tells these storiesa€”from Washington, DC, to the Middle East to Pyongyanga€”in all their intense and sometimes absurd glory. How to Sweet-Talk a Shark is a rare, candid, and entertaining glimpse into an insider's world of high-stakes negotiationa€”showing Richardson's successes and failures in some of the world's least friendly places. Meanwhile, readers get frank lessons in the art of negotiation: how to prepare, how to size up your opponent, how to understand the nature of power in a standoff, how to give up only what is necessary while getting what you want, and many other strategies Richardson has mastered through at-the-table experiencea€”and from working with other master negotiators like Presidents Obama and Clinton, and Nelson Mandela. These are takeaways that anyone can use to negotiate with the power brokers, dealmakers, and, yes, the hungry sharks in their own lives.What was that noise? As we turned the corner, we discovered the source: a series of chambers that blast jets of air, which as we walked by ostensibly decontaminated us of ... There were three notable differences: In the Dear Leadera#39;s train car, the notepad on the Grand Marshala#39;s desk was replaced by a Macbook Pro.

Title:How to Sweet-Talk a Shark
Author:Bill Richardson
Publisher:Rodale - 2013-10-15


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