How to Survive Anything

How to Survive Anything

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When the tornado strikes, when the solar flares blaze, when the zombies rise . . . what are you going to do? So many possible disasters, so little time to prepare. The end could be coming any day now, and youa€™ve got to be ready for the everyday threats such as an earthquake or hurricane, as well as those a€œwell I didna€™t see that cominga€ eventualities like a meteor strike or a killer virus. This all-purpose A to Z guide lays out the survival situations wea€™re all likely to face . . . and a few you really probably wona€™t. How to Survive Anything deftly balances the survival basics that you really do need to know with the wild and crazy eventualities that you probably dona€™t. But, on the other hand, who do you want in your bunker? The guy who read up on coping with a total grid failure or the one who didna€™t? Author Tim MacWelch lead survival classes and is th author of the bestselling Prepare for Anything Survival Manual and the Hunting and Gathering Survival Manual. He's the guy you want on you side when it all goes down, and having his book is the next best thing.JUMPER CABLES A heavy gauge set of jumper cables and a second vehicle can get your car running in the event that your ... TIRE REPAIR KIT A tire plug kit consists of glue, a few tools, and some rubber/fiber strips which can be glued in place if there is a hole in your tirea#39;s tread. ... A can of tire mending spray is able to seal small holes in a flat tire, and reinflate the tire enough to get you to a repair shop.

Title:How to Survive Anything
Author:Tim MacWelch
Publisher:Weldon Owen - 2015-05-12


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