How to Remember Anything

How to Remember Anything

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The Only Book of Its Kind--Build Memory Power Whether You're 8 or 80 Dean Vaughn's How to Remember Anything is a remarkable system for harnessing your brain's capacity for memory. Vaughn's user-friendly ten-step system goes beyond the drills and repetitions many of us learned as children by tapping into the power of sight and hearing. Visualizations, sound-alike words, and odd juxtapositions of objects (the more illogical the better) are some of the elements of Vaughn's sure-fire program to remember and retain everything from the names of the presidents of the United States to birthdays and appointments. Millions of individuals have benefited from this remarkable, proven memory system. You will too! How to Remember Anything will help you remember: * names and faces * vocabulary and world languages * where you put things * numbers, reports and meeting agendas * appointments, birthdays and anniversaries * your schedule and things to do * how to speak in public without notes * geography, geometry * ANYTHING!Card Being What to Do Played 6I-I Quickly change the 6 of hearts to its Code Word (chair). Imagine the chair being smashed! AH Quickly change the Ace of hearts to its Code Word (tire). Imagine the tire being fiat! 71-1 Quickly change the 7 ofanbsp;...

Title:How to Remember Anything
Author:Dean Vaughn
Publisher:Macmillan - 2007-04-17


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