How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101

How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101

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Got a Great Idea? Don't trust Those 1-800 Patent Idea Companies? Do You Think it's to Costly to Hire a Patent Attorney, Let Alone Buy the Patent itself? Hi, My Name is Dr.FREDERICK SAWAYA M.D.I am a retired medical doctor with general surgery training. I have 30 years experience in emergency work. I'm also a six time patent holder and seller of four national products. I have patented and sold a medical hospital safety device, household safety devices, gun safety devices, and am selling telecommunication device patent. The book is based on personal successes and failures not on theory. This is a qI did it myself cookbookq not a qfill out a patent formq book. The book will lead you through the patent process from A to Z with the minimal amount of time and money. Then qHow to Patent your Idea and Not Get Screwedq is for you. It's Broken up in a easy to ready QaA Session from how to get a patent pending for as little a $99 to Getting law student to help you with filing your Paperwork for free or a school least credit. This Book will save you Thousands of dollars that I already spent so my hard work and expensive research is your gain.

Title:How to Patent Your Idea and Not Get Screwed 101
Author:Frederick SAWAYA
Publisher:damd publishing - 2011-01-14


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