How to Manage Your Finances (Collection)

How to Manage Your Finances (Collection)

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In Your Credit Score: How to Improve the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future, fourth edition , Weston thoroughly covers brand-new laws changing everything from how your credit score can be used to how you can communicate with collectors. Weston also updates her guidance on using FICO 08 to raise your scorea€b fighting lower limits or higher ratesa€b maintaining the right mix of cards and balancesa€b bouncing back from bad credita€b choosing credit qsolutionsq that help, not hurta€b and much more! In There Are No Dumb Questions About Money , Weston answers your most pressing questions, helping you navigate today's more-complicated-than-ever financial world. Through real-life reader questions and clear, to-the-point answers, Weston shows how to manage your spending, figure out what you can and can't afford, and choose the smartest ways to pay off your debt. You'll discover why most investment strategies don't work, and identify better ways to save for retirement. But you'll also learn to handle the trickier, emotional side of money: how to avoid fights with your partner, deal with spendthrift children or parents, and spot con artists or lousy advisors before you get robbed. Using humor, keen insight, and time-tested financial planning principles, Weston can help you wrangle your money into shape -- and find your own path to financial freedom.Ask for confirmation in writing that you dona#39;t owe the debt and that the account has been closed. ... If a creditor or collector threatens you with a lawsuit, jail time, or other punishment, point out calmly that such threats are violations of federal debt-collecting and credit-reporting laws. ... fact: Her credit score had been trashed by her mother, who had taken out more than ten credit cards in Michellea#39;s nameanbsp;...

Title:How to Manage Your Finances (Collection)
Author:Liz Weston
Publisher:FT Press - 2013-08-22


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