How to Make a Killing in the Real Estate Market

How to Make a Killing in the Real Estate Market

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This e-book will teach you everything that you need to know about buying a rental property and making a profit in the first year, doubling your investment in the second year, and eventually selling it when the market rebounds. This book is meant to be an educational tool to get out of the poverty trap and into the wealth trap. In this book you will learn from my mistakes as a real estate investor and benefit from the things that I learned as an average woman with very little disposable income. When you have real wealth you can choose when you want to work and if you want to work. You can decide to stay home and see the kids through their growing years or sit back and take the winter off and travel to the Caribbean, Europe or Hawaii. The world is your oyster when you have nothing to tie you down. The real estate market represents a prime wealth building situation that everyone should take advantage of but you must do your homework and you must know when to hold them and when to walk away and when to run! I have learned all of these things and I want to share them with you. This information is not something that you will hear on the radio as most people want you to be in debt and stay in debt. Most people will teach you how to have good credit and keep good credit and how to qualify for the house you really cana€™t afford. No one will recommend buying a house for cash or if they do it may seem insurmountable especially when you are barely making ends meet, but it can be done. There are pockets of areas throughout the United States where you are able to purchase real estate for under $50, 000.00 in decent neighborhoods. One area that we have researched extensively is the metro Atlanta area. This area is unique in that is covers 28 counties. There have been sales in some areas of Atlanta as low as $7000.00 and some sales as high as $10, 000, 000 making it quite difficult to establish an average.most lenders require an appraisal before approving home financing, an appraisal isna#39;t necessary for all-cash buyers or for borrowers who plan to pay the bulk of the home price in cash. ... With a cover letter, a potential buyer can humanize the transaction by showing they really love the house, have ... This wona#39;t work with bank owned foreclosures, but it may help with homes sold by individual owners.

Title:How to Make a Killing in the Real Estate Market
Author:Beatrice Jordan
Publisher:Al Yusra Publisher - 2010-02-10


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