How to Get Things Done with OneNote

How to Get Things Done with OneNote

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Do you want to easily accomplish your to-do-list in a day? Do you want to be less busy in life? Do you wish to have more time? Herea€™s the thing. Most people are so busy all the time that they no longer recognize that responsibilities are forgotten and relationships are not strengthened. With the huge pile of tasks undone, stack of mails unread, and heap of post-its that seem cluttered all around, people get busier and life becomes more stressful. Take some time off and start organizing your strategy to get everything under control. Read on How to Get Things Done with OneNote and discover your way to productivity and efficiency. Dominic Wolff, a seasoned author and business owner, found success in his business career improvising David Allena€™s Getting Things Done (GTD) with Microsofta€™s OneNote. With the two systems combined, Wolff assures that youa€™ll get your professional and personal lives under control. In Dominic Wolffa€™s How to Get Things Done with OneNote, you can be more effective in maintaining a more organized and less stressful life. With this book, you get to learn the following: Am The Basic Organizational Groups of GTD (Know the different ways on how you can classify items.) Am Setting up OneNote for GTD Success (Get this done in just 15 minutes.) Am Using OneNote while Laying the Foundations of GTD (Understand how to use OneNote with just a few clicks while putting GTD in place.) Am Getting GTD and OneNote up and running (Follow 4 Simple Steps to run an effective personal management system.) Am 7 Tips for Maximum Efficiency (Apply tips you can do on a weekly basis.) Am Advanced Tips and Tricks (Know 7 apps, devices, and strategies to fully ensure maximum productivity.) Accomplish your to-do-list easily. Become less busy in life. Have more time. Live an organized life with just one click.However, therea#39;s alsoa paid version that has anumber of benefits; whether or not ita#39;s worth it toinvest in the premium version depends ... This isa really fantastic deal, considering how much you usedto have topay forMicrosoft Office products.

Title:How to Get Things Done with OneNote
Author:Dominic Wolff
Publisher:Organized Living Press - 2014-07-22


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